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Nowadays teachers have to the skill of technology so that they can teach their students by using technology. An English teacher can easily use the Internet as a tool for teaching English. So, by using the Internet, we can easily solve this problem – how to and where to use the words ‘because’ and ‘because of’. I will ask my students to use the Internet so that they can understand my instruction to solve their problem. There are a lot of websites that can be used as a tool to solve this problem. But according to the students’ level, I will recommend to my students some specific websites from where they can easily understand the use of ‘because’ and ‘because of’. At the same time, they can see some authentic materials and can exercise. So, the following instruction will help them to solve this problem easily. 
because and because of

Step 1: Make sure that your computer or mobile phone is connected to the Internet

Step 2: Browse any browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.)  and go to

Step 3: Listen to the audio clip at the “Listen” part by clicking on it or after downloading the audio clip (click on “Download this programme (mp3 - 1.7mb)” for download)

because or because of

Step 4: After listening, read the “Find Out More” part and download the two pdf files by clicking on these (upper “Take The Challenge”)

Step 5: Open the download files and read these attentively; second pdf file (10_because_expert.pdf) is the written form of audio clip

Step 6: Now practice the use of ‘because and because of’ by clicking on “here” at the “Take The Challenge” part (bottom of the page)

Step 7: If you do not find out ‘Quiz 1’, click on this writing – “download all the quizzes in this unit” – for downloading all quizzes together (10_because_practice.pdf)

Step 8: Complete the exercises (Exercise 1, Exercise 2, Exercise 3), and check the answer (Page 5 & 6)

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