Compare and Contrast between Edmodo and Testmoz | Assessment tools

Edmodo is a social learning platform for both teachers and students. It is much more secure than any other learning websites because both teachers and students have to create a separate account. So, it is easy for teachers to give tasks by using Note, Assignment, Quiz, Poll, Snapshot for the students. Here teachers can attach e-book, audio clip, video, picture, and any types of documents in teachers’ library that can be used for making the tasks. Moreover, Edmodo gives the chance to create a group for an individual class which helps the teacher to manage all things in the group.

The Homepages of Edmodo and Testmoz

On the other hand, Testmoz is a testing website for taking a test. It is free but for extensive facilities test-taker have to pay $20 for one year which will include tracking all tests, email notifications, public list of all tests, unlimited questions or responses per test, collecting data from test-takers with ungraded surveys style questions, customizable student identification, importing questions from other tests etc. It is popular for its easy features that help the test-takers to design a test in an effective way, especially a reading test. In this website, teachers can easily make some tasks for their students. Teachers able to make four types of questions such as MCQ, true/false, fill in the blank and multiple responses. In the MCQ, there are four options, from where the students have to pick only one right answer. If the teachers want then, they can increase the more options. And for multiple responses, the students can choose more than one answer. And there is also a chance to increase the answers’ options for the multiple responses. One of the good advantages of this website is that the teacher or the students do not need to have an account for using this tool.

However, Testmoz is best for designing a reading test but Edmodo gives the teachers a huge opportunity for making a test. In Edmodo, a language teacher can design all the four language tests – listening test, speaking test, reading test and writing test. Edmodo is full of features which are able to motivate the learners where Testmoz is very simple and easy to use. One of the brilliant advantages of Testmoz is to get the students’ score in details in CVS or MS Excell format which is different from any other tools.

At last, it is said that all websites and software have an individuality that is different from each other. So, teachers have to understand the students’ needs, the situation of the institution, and then have to choose the exact tools which can fulfill the learning outcomes.


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