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Once the Persian poet Jalaluddin Rumi said, “Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” This inspirational quote inspirits those people who want to develop their writing skill because it is writing that is more powerful than your voice. So, how can we develop our writing, the answer is very easy ― by practising it. For your writing development, I will suggest you EverWrite software that will definitely develop your writing skill. 

EverWrite is popular to its learners because of its variety of features. Learners can easily use EverWrite and develop their writing skill. It is designed in such a way from where not only the learners but also the teachers can take help. The homepage of this software holds the learners’ attention that increases learners’ interest to go for the next step. The list of contents contains Editing Exercises, Identical Rhetorical Paragraphs, Working with Transitions, Organizing Your Thoughts, Recognizing Your Thesis Statements, and Practicing Grammar. Each of these sections has its own different tasks.

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Homepage of EverWrite Software

The content Editing Exercises consists of adjectives and adverbs, apostrophes, coherence, the comma, commas, coordination and subordination, look-alikes/sound-alikes, nouns, the past participle, past tense, prepositions, pronouns, revising for consistency and parallelism, spelling, subject-verb agreement, and writing paragraphs. All of them contain both practice and test sessions. So, for developing your skills, go to the practice session at first and then take a test by selecting test session that will give feedback about your development.

However, 120 interactive writing process and rhetorical exercises exist in EverWrite where learners can edit paragraphs, highlight transitions and identify topic sentences among a variety of exercises. The CD-ROM also offers 350 grammar exercises for its users. 

This software is designed in such a way where users find it friendly and hassle-free for their use. But there are some contents which can be difficult to use for learners because of the tough design of usage. Moreover, EverWrite needs Macromedia flash player in order to use this software on the computer. And it is a paid software that might be a fact for most of the learners.

At last, I would like to say that though this software is not free, you may buy or collect it from your well-wishers if you really want to develop your writing skill. So, it is the right decision and the right time for you to choose EverWrite that will make perfect in writing.   

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