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The Origins of Language - The Study of Language | Mr. Zohur Ahmed

The media we use for communication is ‘language’. This may create a giant question mark on your forehead saying that where did it come from? In order to unearth the origin of language, we need to know what exactly a ‘language’ is. To define, according to an online source, language is basically a system of communication used by a particular community or country. 

However, Charles Darwin had a vision of mere speculation regarding the origin of language, where his visions say that early humans had already developed musical ability prior to language and were using it “to charm each other”. Regardless of this vision, we actually are illiterate of the origin of language. 

This Chapter, as you watch the video, will reveal the various sources of language from divinity to reality. The detailed explanation along with real examples from history and society will be concentrated of where exactly language came from? As you go through the entire video, you will encounter the divine source, natural sound source, social interaction source, physical adaptation source, tool-making source, and the genetic source as to learn of the invention of language. Different types of sounds are introduced in this chapter when some of them you will find quite funny and some of them quite serious. Make sure to watch the entire video to learn the sources of language. So, enjoy the video.

Animals and Human Language - Properties of Human Language | Mr. Zohur Ahmed

We need a certain media or way not merely in order to communicate rather for various purposes. Language stands a media to fulfill the purpose mostly communication for the inhabitants of the entire universe. This chapter talks about animals and human language featuring communication, properties of human language, talking to animals, chimpanzees & language, and using language.

We might have a certain notion of talking creatures or creatures might talk, and yes, they do. It is not the language we humans use rather different kind of languages which will see over venture of this chapter. However, the language of humans contains properties like reflexivity, displacement, arbitrariness, productivity, cultural transmission, and duality. These properties hold the utter responsibility in order for maintaining the proper communication.

At the end of this chapter, you will be able to know about the special property of human language and the usage of the properties as well as characteristics. Moreover, you will be able to meet some real animals named Washoe, Sarah and Lana who could use a certain amount of human language. You will be able to unearth the key element behind all these unexpected possibilities of human used by real animals throughout the chapter. Along with the specific human language, you will have the opportunity to learn signs and symbols as well. Enjoy the video

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