Implementing English for Today books in secondary schools in rural Bangladesh


In this age of globalization, English language has become the most prominent medium of expressing ideas, feelings and views to international community. Unlike other countries, English language is considered as the sign of intellectuality and proficiency in the job market of Bangladesh. Considering the fact, the government of Bangladesh has designed English for Today (EfT) textbooks by following the communicative language teaching approach for the students of Bangladesh from primary to higher secondary level. However, teaching EfT textbooks in rural areas of Bangladesh does not match with the teaching of urban areas. This study was designed to explore the challenges of implementing EfT textbooks in secondary schools of rural area. Three schools were chosen from three different upazilas of Sherpur district. It was a qualitative research and the data were collected through class observations, interviews with teachers and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with students where 30 students of class IX and 3 teachers took part. The result suggests that implementing EfT textbooks is challenging in rural area for several reasons such as lack of proficient English language teachers, class size, lack of motivation, insufficient technological facility and some difficult contents of EfT textbook. Additionally, the study presents the view of teachers as well as students' regarding the EfT textbook. Finally, the study concludes with few suggestions regarding the EfT textbook and usage of it in the rural area which may be helpful for the policy makers to reduce the challenges.

Keywords: English for Today, scenario of teaching EfT, challenges, secondary schools, rural Bangladesh 

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Author: Mohammad Mustafizur Rahman 
In book: English Education Research Initiatives 
Chapter: 16 
Published: December 2018 
Publisher: Centre of Excellence (CoE) in English, Govt. Teachers' Training College, Dhaka 
Project: Teaching Quality Improvement in Secondary Education Project II (TQI-SEP-II) 

Book: English Education Research Initiatives
Book: English Education Research Initiatives  

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