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Educational Field Trip at Bangladesh Open University

The students of the course ENG_517: Practice Teaching visited Bangladesh Open University (BOU) on 20th August 2017. Professor Dr. Muhammed Shahriar Haque, the course instructor, guided the whole educational trip. The trip successfully completed because of the enthusiasm of the students and our teacher as well as the continuing support from the authority of BOU.
The students of the course ENG_517: Practice Teaching
On the day of the educational field trip, Mohammad Habibuzzaman, the Deputy Director and Assistant Private Secretary of Vice Chancellor (VC), welcomed our team. At the VC office, we introduced with Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Khondoker Mokaddem Hossain, Protocol Officer Md. Abdul Hye, and other executives of BOU. After completing the introduced part, we took part in a discussion session with the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Protocol Officer Md. Abdul Hye, and other executives in the conference room where they informed about the history and all academic things of BOU. They informed us that BOU is providing education at the learners’ doorstep with the course materials from certificate level to post-graduation level. They also informed us that BOU is offering 50 programs through its six schools (Open School, School of Education, School of Social Science, Humanities and Language, School of Business, School of Agriculture & Rural Development, and School of Science and Technology) from 12 Regional Centers, 80 Sub-Regional Centers and 1475 Study Centers. The Pro-Vice Chancellor informed that BOU is transforming itself into a virtual university in near future. We were pleased from the answers of many questions regarding the academic programs, administrative system, and facilities of BOU.

After completing the discussion session, we were driven to visit the different divisions of BOU where the directors of those divisions described the activities of their divisions. In Computer Division, we visited Software section, Hardware Maintenance section, Network section and two Internet Interactive Virtual Class Rooms (IVCR). The IVCR is designed with digital equipment like computer, closed-circuit camera, camera controller, LED monitor, multimedia projector, magnetic board, and main controller unit from where learners or teacher or both of them can communicate with other IVCR. We also visited Publishing, Printing and Distribution division as well as Media division. In Media division, we saw how the web Television and web radio will work in near future, and visited the recording studios where different types of lectures are recorded for television telecast and BOUTube ( Moreover, we visited the mock village of BOU where the different types of video materials are being recorded for the distance learners. Our trip was ended by visiting the library of BOU and completing the farewell session with the authority of BOU.
Interactive Virtual Class Rooms (IVCR)
During the educational field trip, we asked many questions regarding the academic programs, research degree programs, online programs, distance learning, e-learning system, and administrative system etc. In the discussion session, one important question was asked about the distance education – How BOU spreads education through distance education system? The answer was – BOU has 12 Regional Centers, 80 Sub-Regional Centers and 1475 Study Centers all over the Bangladesh from where it is providing the open and distance education among the learners of all ages. Learners collect the textbooks, CDs, audio-video-lectures-inserted micro SD card etc. from those centers. At the same time, BOU is uploading video lectures in the BOUTube (, and uploading e-books in the website ( as well as various academic information in the BOU website ( Moreover, experienced full-time faculty and adjunct faculty are providing weekly tutorials, and they are giving lectures which are being recorded for TV-radio broadcasting as well as for BOUTube. BOU has already planned to launch Web TV and Web Radio where learners will be able to watch and listen to the tutorial sessions.  So, any Bangladeshi learners can enroll in their desired program from anywhere of the Bangladesh because BOU has promised to assure education at their doorstep.
BOU Web Radio Studio 
The second question was about the online program – Is BOU offering any online program or course which is free of cost? The answer was – Actually nothing is free around our surroundings. BOU has already planned to start two online programs initially such as Master of Education (MEd) and Master of Business Studies (MBS) which will be available for any Bangladeshi or Bangladeshi diaspora with affordable cost. On the other hand, the great news is that BOU is offering a certificate course named “Competency Based English Communication Skills” with the assistance of the A2i Project of Prime Minister’s Office, and any Bangladeshi learners can enroll in this course which is available on the website of MuktoPaath (

The third question was about the Research Degree programs – What are the criteria for taking admission in the research degree programs? The answer was – A candidate who has a Master Degree in any Discipline with two First Classes or equivalent CGPA 3.00 on a scale of 4 in the academic life can apply for Master of Philosophy (MPhil) program. On the other hand, a candidate who has an MPhil degree or MS degree or second Masters with minimum CGPA 3.00 on a scale of 4.00 in both Honours and Masters examinations, and has at least second division or GPA 4.00 on a scale of 5.00 in both SSC & HSC or equivalent examinations is eligible for Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program. At this time, BOU is offering both MPhil and PhD degrees in two areas – School of Education and School of Business.

In the Computer Division, another important question was asked regarding the process of online evaluation. The question was – How BOU evaluates the learners of an online program? The answer was – For the online program, learners have to face two types of assessments – online and face-to-face. Online assessment is based on two types of assessments – formative and summative. In formative assessment, different types of activities, pop quizzes, and summarization are included. In the summative assessment, forum engagements, assignments, quizzes and exams are included. For checking the plagiarism, BOU uses different software. In the final face-to-face assessment, learners have to face a face-to-face session at the specified assessment centers.
BOU Web TV (Proposed) 
At the time of visiting the mock village, one question was asked about the mock village – How BOU uses the mock village for teaching the learners? The answer was – BOU uses the mock village for teaching some non-formal programs such as Rural Development, Fisheries, Horticulture, Maternity and Child Care etc. The scenery and the equipment of the mock village are used for giving the real-life example. So, the lectures of those courses and some programs are recorded here for broadcasting on the television and uploading in BOUTube.
The students of the course ENG_517 with the authority of BOU
However, at last, it can be said that the field trip was essential for us because it was shown how the administration of a university work for spreading the education all over the country. At the same time, it provided different information about BOU, evaluation system, IVCR, e-learning platform, Web TV, Web Radio, mock village etc. BOU is offering education at the doorstep of the learners which is helping those people who are doing the job or who are living in the remote area of the country. Even, an aged person can also take education because there is no age limitation, and the cost of the study is also affordable. The experience of an educational field trip always enhances a student’s knowledge, improves networking and personal development, and this educational field trip has also fulfilled these things by giving a clear idea about the education system of BOU, asking the quarries and exchanging the opinion with the authority of BOU. The opportunity to visit BOU is an asset to the students of the course ENG_517: Practice Teaching, and it would be great to continue the tradition. Thanks again to the authority of BOU and of course to our honourable course instructor Professor Dr. Muhammed Shahriar Haque for making this trip possible.

Mohammad Mustafizur Rahman
Student, MA in ELT 
East West University, Bangladesh 
Date: 03 August 2017

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