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TED-Ed is a free educational website for both teachers and students where teachers can create lessons by using videos or can customise lessons from a series of videos. Teachers can also use TED-Ed’s videos and lessons to supplement any subject. For English language teachers, TED-Ed helps them to create a listening task that can be used to test the listening skill of the learners. At the same, learners are benefited by practising a listening task that develops their language skill as well as enriches their knowledge by providing them lots of information outside their textbooks. 

This website is a great resource for both teachers and learners that engage the learners by providing well-produced contents as well as some of the best videos and animations. These contents not only present complex content in comprehensible ways but also work as a source of inspiration when they become frustrated. So, teachers have to design TED-Ed lessons based on the learners’ demand so that learners can enjoy it.

Teachers can choose three types of TED-Ed lessons. The first one is TED-Ed’s award-winning original lessons named ‘TED-Ed Originals’ that are represented by the collaborations of expert educators, screenwriters and animators. The second type of TED-Ed lesson is ‘TED-Ed Selects’ which are carefully selected by volunteer teachers and TED-Ed staff, and these lessons are created by other teachers or website visitors that involves adding questions, discussion topics and other supplementary materials to any educational video on YouTube. Another type of TED-Ed lesson is ‘TED Talk Lessons’ that are designed by using the TED Talk episodes where the famous persons have talked about different topics. These TED-Ed contents can be used as a lesson in classrooms and homes to introduce new topics to the learners in an interesting way.
homepage of teded
Homepage of TED-Ed

TED-Ed website is designed uniquely to present video content that is user-friendly. Users can easily find out the video content according to their interested area by clicking on ‘View all TED-Ed lessons!’ from the bottom of the home page. Users can choose any lesson from these areas – ‘The Arts’, ‘Business & Economics’, ‘Design, Engineering & Technology’, ‘Health’, ‘Literature & Language’, ‘Mathematics’, ‘Philosophy & Religion’, ‘Psychology’, ‘Science & Technology’, ‘Social Studies’, ‘Teaching & Education’ and ‘Thinking & Learning’. Now teachers have to decide how these contents will be used for the learners because some of the video contents are inappropriate for the classroom.

However, each great lesson of TED-Ed is to reach and motivate as many learners as possible. At the same time, TED-Ed has provided an international platform where teachers can create their own interactive lessons for helping the learners. As of 21 March 2017, the number of created lessons is 232,257 and learners have answered 13,899,393 questions which are increasing day by day. I have created a lesson by using a story named “The Foolish Lion” which will motivate the learners and will develop their listening skill. To watch my created lesson, please click here.


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