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Nowadays it is very much easy to learn English through technology. An American website like is an authentic source for learning English where learners can develop their all four language skills, and it is very effective for all types of learners. It’s a huge source of news and information that help learners to connect real world for their learning.
Learning English Online
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This website is user-friendly where anyone can easily use the materials for learning and teaching English. All the materials are divided into some categories that help learners and teachers to use the materials effectively. Based on the learners, it is designed by online text, audio and video where the speed of talking is slower than normal English speed. Learners can listen the audio while they are reading the articles on this site. In level one, the speed of talking is slower than other two levels that help the learners to understand the talking clearly. Moreover, the videos are captioned by using vocabulary at the intermediate and upper-beginner level that helps the learners to develop their vocabulary as well as their listening skill.

This website is designed formally where the teaching videos are presented interestingly that motivate learners to learn English daily. In video programs, the option is illustrated by ‘English in a Minute’, ‘English @ the Movies’, ‘Everyday Grammar TV’, ‘Learning English TV’, ‘Let’s Learn English’, ‘News Worlds’ and ‘People in America’. Learners can choose any content depending on their level where they will find the learning materials to develop their language skills. At the same time, the learners will enrich their knowledge about the United States of America. 

Although VOA is a wonderful media for learning English effectively, it has some limitations. One of the limitations that I have found here, it does not provide any exercise for the learners. However, exercise plays a vital role to improve one’s writing skill, and without exercise, no one will be able to justify his or her performance. Through the right exercise, a learner will be able to know that how much he has improved. So, if the authority of VOA provides some exercises with its proper materials then it would be one of the best Medias for learning English correctly.

However, in comparison with other English learning softwares and tools; VOA is one step ahead because there are so many English learning websites that do not provide any videos or audios materials to learn the English language. But VOA is very concern to provide the right guidelines and materials for English learning learners. It is true to say that this website provides excellent materials with videos and audios which increase the curiosity among the learners to learn English.

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