How to Find Out Sentences with a Specific Word from Authentic Website: A Guideline for Practicing Junior Teacher | ASM Mustafizur Rahman

It is very difficult to find out a specific word from a book, magazine, newspaper etc. But we can easily find out a specific word from the Internet. Even we can also find out a word from a specific context by using Internet. In this task, I will help you to find out five sentences with the word ‘surprising’ from Bangladeshi context. So, Bangladeshi websites are perfect to find out the word for this task. There are a lot of Bangladeshi websites but I will prefer to select some authentic websites. For this task, I choose a Bangladeshi English newspaper’s website - So, follow the following steps that will help you to find out five sentences with the word ‘surprising’ from the website.  


Step 1: Browse any browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc.)  and go to 

Picture: Homepage of DhakaTribune (Follow Step- 1)

Step 2: Click on the search box (top left side of the site) 

Picture: Clicking on search box (Follow Step- 2)

Step 3: Write down the word surprising on the search bar (where “Search news” is written)

Picture: Writing the keyword here (Follow Steps- 3 & 4)

Step 4: Press Enter button of your keyboard or click on the search icon (beside the search bar)

Step 5: Select an article from the search results and click on it

Picture: Selecting articles from this page (Follow Step- 5)

Step 6: Now press ctrl key and the letter f key at the same time or just press function key F3 of your keyboard - a little pop-up window will appear

Picture: Selected article page (Follow Steps- 6, 7 & 8)

Step 7: Enter the word surprising in the pop-up window, and press enter button; your computer will automatically locate and highlight the word you are looking for

Step 8: Select the sentence that contains the targeted word

Step 9: Copy the selected sentence by pressing ctrl key and the letter c key at the same time; or click right button of your mouse and select Copy

Step 10: Paste the selected sentence to your target location pressing ctrl key and the letter v key simultaneously; click right button of your mouse and select any Paste Options:

If you do not find out enough sentences, see the other articles from the search results and follow the same instructions.  


Targeted Sentences:

1. Perhaps poetry lies in the surprising juxtaposition of words.

2. Doja seems to have gained this wisdom intuitively, using not only those surprising juxtapositions, but the element of paradox.

3. There is a surprising power struggle going on in Tamil Nadu.

4. Surprising, because all omens suggested that Sasikala would take over as party leader and chief minister in the state after Jayalalithaa died last December.

5. Therefore, it won’t be surprising if any of our athletes achieve a respectable position or rank.

Sentences’ Links: (for first and second number sentences) (for third and fourth number sentences) (for fifth number sentence)

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